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Aboriginal Maternal Infant Care Program (AMIC)

For all pregnant Aboriginal women living in Whyalla. The program is run by Aboriginal Maternal Infant Care (AMIC) workers and midwives and offers culturally appropriate obstetric support for women of all ages in a culturally appropriate environment. 

AMIC Workers are trained in peri natal clinical skills under the guidance of midwives. Midwives are guided by AMIC Workers in ensuring cultural safety of clients. AMIC Workers need to complete competencies to become AMIC Workers and are no intended to replace midwives. The aim of the AMIC Worker is to become highly skilled and confident to address the maternal and infant care needs of this community.

Diabetes Clinic

Aboriginal Health Workers will help you monitor your Diabetes on a weekly or daily basis – whichever you prefer. Nunyara Aboriginal Health Service also offers the services of a Diabetic Educator, Dietician and podiatrist from the Hospital on a monthly basis – Make sure you ask your Aboriginal Health Worker to book you an appointment to make sure you have the latest advice.

Flu Vaccination

Influenza vaccinations are provided yearly to Aboriginal Clients. Please contact Clinic Reception if you wish to be notified when the immunisations are available.

Children are also offered influenza vaccinations – children will need to have an initial course of 2 needles 4 weeks apart if it is their first vaccination for the flu. Ring Clinic Reception to make an appointment for them. Please make sure we have your children’s DOB and Medicare number so we can check what they need on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

Pneumococcal vaccinations are also offered for Aboriginal Clients. The advice of when and how often these vaccines should be offered is changing. Please contact Nunyara Aboriginal Health Service if you would like someone to check if you need to be immunised

Immunisation Clinics

The recommended immunisation schedule for children 0-4 (birth, 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 4 years) are all covered in the clinic. Advice and education is also available.

To find out if your child is due any immunisations you can ring the Nunyara Aboriginal Health Service and talk to Clinic Reception or Nurse Di. You will need to provide the child’s full name, date of birth and Medicare number if we do not have these details.

Respiratory Clinic

Nunyara Aboriginal Health Service has a regular visiting Respiratory Nurse (Christelle Thomas) who can help people that have problems with sleeping, have smoking related problems with their breathing and asthma clients. Clients can also be referred to Dr Raul Antic if required, clients will need to have had a chest x-ray, spirometry and blood tests done prior to the appointment.

STI Clinic

Sexually transmitted infections are still a leading cause of infertility in both men and women. If you have unprotected sex you should get yourself checked out.

Nunyara Aboriginal Health Service offers both Men and Women the opportunity for discrete testing of all STI’s by either a male or female doctor, or female registered nurse.

Ring the Clinic Reception to make an appointment with the practitioner of your choice – ask for a long consultation.

Please be aware that contact tracing of confirmed STI’s is a legal requirement.