Health Professionals

Aboriginal Health Workers | General Practitioner | Registered Nurse

Aboriginal Health Workers

Aboriginal Health Workers work alongside Medical Practitioners and other professionals to deliver primary health services to the Aboriginal Community in Whyalla. The Aboriginal Health Worker carries out consultations, provides clinical and routine treatments and refers clients to the GP when clinical assistance or confirmation of diagnosis is required. The primary focus of the Aboriginal Health Worker is to perform Adult and Child Health Checks and to participate actively in the care planning of patients. The Aboriginal Health Worker is at the centre of patient care.

General Practitioners

Nunyara has 3 General Practitioners that visit us on a regular basis in the main clinic. Dr Rick Hambour visits two days per week, Dr Patrick Sprau is here for 3 days per week and Dr Krista Maier visits fortnightly on a Monday. Appointment times are very generous, and all of our doctors are committed to providing a quality service to our community.

Additionally in the new Pathways to Preschool clinic, we have Dr Tracey Landon consulting at  least 2 days per week focussing on women's health, pre-natal and ante-natal care and children's health.

Dr Rick Hambour graduated from Adelaide University in 1974. Postgraduate experience in general medicine, surgery and paediatrics. Obtained a postgraduate Diploma in Obstetrics in 1978. Entered private general practice in 1978 and has run and worked in a practice in metropolitan Adelaide since then. Has accreditation for GP Obstetric Shared Care.

Has more recently become interested in Indigenous Health and is keen to contribute to improving the health and longevity of Indigenous Australians. Employment at Nunyara has provided an opportunity to do this because of the excellent facilities and the enthusiastic and capable staff at Nunyara.

Registered Nurse

Nunyara employs a full time Registered Nurse in the Clinical Coordinator role to supplement the work of the Aboriginal Health Workers so that a complete service to the community can be delivered.

The Registered Nurse supports the Aboriginal Health Workers to meet their study commitments and that enables Nunyara Aboriginal Health Service to deliver the range of services listed in the website and to expand to meet the growing needs of the community.

The Nurse at Nunyara can offer a wide range of services including:

  • Immunisations
  • Pap smears
  • Wound dressings
  • Baby and child health checks
  • STI screening
  • Blood taking
  • Health Checks

Our current nurse – Nurse Di – has spent a number of years working in Aboriginal Health. First for the Ngaanyatjarra Health Service as a Remote Area Nurse in Warburton and then Warakurna where she looked after the women and children of the community, delivering all aspects of Maternity Care, 0 – 5 programs, school health programs and a young mother’s program, and immunisations. She was instrumental in the development of a pre school program and developed junior health helpers within the school from the two senior years. This last resulted in Warakurna School winning a prize in the school sports annual event for the best presented students.

Nurse Di then spent 10 years in Central Australia, based in Alice Springs but travelling all over the area in a 4 wheel drive. She was employed by the CARHDS and was apart of the team responsible for the up-skilling of registered employed health workers. She assisted Aboriginal Health Workers to gain qualifications against competency standards ready for the National Competency Standards.

She then spent 3 years working for the AHCSA in the Education and Training Team and that is how she came to know, and then subsequently join, the team at Nunyara Aboriginal Health Service.